Margo's Bio

Margo, a single thirty eight year old brilliant Marketing Director whose friends tease her she's a serial monogamist because of her flitting from one relationship to another,
finds herself waking up each morning questioning,
'What is the point to all of this?'

It was her therapist who suggested she take the course.








Margo's Story

Margo can't understand how she wound up in a cycle of disposable relationships. She is bright enough
to know she created the pattern, however, isn't able to figure out how to put the brakes on. She
seems to be on a slippery slope and not able to dig in her heels for traction to stop.

Give her a marketing plan to develop: an existing brand that requires CPR or a new product in the
conception stage. This she can figure out and create incredible success stories the National Marketing
Association would reward with accolades. How did she lose the balance in her life? How can she find a
new normal? She knows she is living the unintended consequences to her actions.

Her apprentice rapped loudly on the opened door to get her attention. "Margo, your schedule shows
you have overlapping meetings. What would you like me to do?"

Pulling herself present, swiveling to her computer, she opened task manager and viewed the calendar.
"Where's June?"

"She's sick." Greg sat opposite Margo, pen poised over a note pad waiting for direction. "Tell me what
to do."

Margo's code word for her therapist was physio. She didn't want the office knowing she was seeing Dr.
Anne, only her executive assistant June, since she managed her schedule and had been doing so for eight
years. Anyone at anytime could see Margo's schedule and June was responsible for adding, deleting and

"Do you know why the meeting at the Rand Corporation was pushed ahead an hour?" This was the cause
of the overlap. She didn't have enough time to travel to the east side for the meeting, then back to
see Dr. Anne and both were equally important to her. Commitments. Dr. Anne suggested Margo first
start with committing to herself and cancelling Dr. Anne wasn't an option.

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