Erin's Bio

Erin floats through life like a gypsy. Everything always goes her way. In her early forties, she has a 'been there done that' attitude she knows blocks answers she is seeking.

A seminar junkie for self-improvement she searches for
the answer to her question, 'Is this all there is?'

Gulping a beer with a buddy at her favorite watering hole
she listens into a conversation two ladies are having
about the course.









Erin's Story

"I have never known anyone to take as many courses as you. How come you don't teach any? You've
certainly taken enough to be an expert at something by now?" Lanney snatched the last calamari off
the plate.

"I'm finished with courses. I've attended enough seminars, workshops and retreats to last ten life
times." Erin signaled to Michelle to bring another jug of beer.

"That's what you said last time. You'll find something to tweak your interest." Lanney downed the last
of her brew."You wouldn't be you if you weren't taking a course. You'd have to go to Course-oholic

They both chuckled.

"It's the same old same old presented a different way." Erin leaned on the table. "I always get
something out of each course I take but, that's diminishing. I can tell within the first hour if it's
worth staying to the end or not -"

"And you always stick it through."

"Hey girls, a couple of hotties plunked their sweet asses at the bar. Do you want me to place your
pitcher next to them?" Michelle motioned toward the door.

Lanney cranked her head so fast she almost wrenched her neck. Michelle laughed, placed her tray on
the table and squatted next to Erin. "So what's the latest and greatest these days?"

"She said she's finished with courses," Lanny replied refilling their beers, tearing her flirting smile back to the conversation.

"Ya right," Michelle snorted. "The day you don't attend a course is the day hell freezes over."

"With global warming, that just might happen!" Erin smirked.

"Good one girlfriend." Lanney held up a hand up for a high five. Erin obliged. Michelle joined in.
The three had been friends for over twenty years.

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