Rhonda's Bio

Rhonda has spent the last ten years finding herself and
establishing what she believed to be her place in the world.
A workaholic and people pleaser she has endured the climb
up the corporate ladder in a testosterone dominated company.

Reaching her ultimate goal she finds herself diagnosed with cancer and at fifty questions, 'Why me, why now?'

Looking for a file on her assistant's desk she stumbles
across a flyer for the course.








Rhonda's Story"

"I don't know how you do it, Rhonda." Sam reclined in the plush chair around the board room table dragging a
coffee with him. "Every meeting you are beaten to a pulp by the other VP's and you don't flinch a muscle,
don't raise your voice or break a sweat." Taking a long sip, watching Rhonda clean up the papers and shut her
computer, he added, "I'm amazed you didn't reach out and strangle Bruce Stram. As always, you simply stated
the facts and pretty much ignored his childish challenging of your every statement."

Rhonda flashed a simple smile back at Sam. It was difficult these days to not throttle such juvenile behavior,
particularly that of her peers who have the need to test her, to see if she is worthy of her new position.

It was becoming more and more trying for her to keep up the pace. To be one step ahead of the game and the
men who run it. Particularly now with the dreaded cancer in her life. 'How important is all of this anyway?' she
thought. 'Who actually cares that I dedicate all my awake life to this?'

Feeling invisible, yet sensing something was troubling his boss, and dear friend, Sam rose and with his usual
awkward style tripped while attempting to give her a reassuring hug.

Realizing her mind had left the room, debating whether to tell Sam about her health, she opted to return
the hug instead, thanking her comrade for his support.

"Hugs are not happening enough around here. We need a daily hug policy." They both laughed knowing full well
if Rhonda wanted daily hugs on the agenda, they would happen.

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Author: Marie Dixon

Music: Norm Smookler - Temple of Four Winds - Deer


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